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Busy Ewe Farm and Fibers

Member of the American Teeswater Sheep Association ( https://americanteeswatersheep.com/)


Meet our production Crew

 We currently have a small flock of Teeswater Sheep.  We added a couple Southdown Baby-Doll/Rambouille crosses to hopefully get some longer darker locks!
  Rams: Teeswater
  Ewes: Teewsater; Southdown Babydoll/Rambouille cross

Our Production Crew




The inside information on our fleeces by crew member and year produced.


View our Fleeces, Dyed Fiber, Long Locks, Batts, Roving, Hand Dyed Yarns, Hand Spun Yarns.

Wool Properties/ Wool Grading: 
(Information from various sources:  Soliduewool.com, Montana Wool Lab, Field Guide to Fleece, and others)

Type of FleeceDescription
(Basic guidelines, each breed may have finer/coarser wool within that breed.)
Best UsesExample of Breeds
FineFine wool fleeces, fine with a tight crimp- fibers should be consistent throught the fleece
{American/Blood Grade - Fine}(Micron Range Under 20.6 with standard deviation of less than 5.19) [English/Spinning Count Grade 64s -80s or finer]
Exceptional felting ability.  Not a strong fiber.
Finest garments, next to skin soft, undergarments, baby wear. 
Wet and needle felting
Marino, Rambouillet, 
Cormo, Targhee
DownShorter staple, matte appearance,  spiral crimp- exceptional springiness, resilience, and elasticity, lacking in luster.   Resistance to felting, natural superwash - shrinkage due to the spiral crimp when washed.
Woven or knitted fabrics, flannel, socks, blankets. 
Needle felting
Dorset, Suffolk, Southdown
MediumMost versitile of all the wool types
{American/Blood Grade - 1/2, 3/8, 1/4 blood}(Micron Range 22-29 with standard deviation between 5.89-8.69) [English/Spinning Count Grade 50s-62s]

Wide Variety of knitwear, yarns, blankets, & Tweeds. 
Corriedale, Finn Sheep, Columbia, Romeldale & CVM
LongLarger fiber diameter, longer staple, not as tight crimp - 
{American/Blood Grade - low 1/4 blood, common}(Micron Range 31-35 with standard deviation between 9-10) [English/Spinning Count Grade 44s - 48s]
Very strong and Hard wearing
Hand spinning. Hair for dolls, outerwear, sweaters, hats and mittensTeeswater, Wensleydale, Leicester,  Lincoln, Romney
Double -CoatedHeritage breeds - long outer coat to repell weather, soft down undercoat for warmth- 
{American/Blood Grade - braid}(Micron Range 36 and over with standard deviation between 10-12) [English/Spinning Count Grade Coarser than 36s - 40s]
Very strong and Hard wearing
Carpets, rugs, and outerwear, seperated and down used for fine applications as Shawls
Exceptional Felting ability
Karakul, Icelantic, Shetland,  Navajo Churro

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