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Busy Ewe Farm and Fibers

Fiber Report for our Fleeces

Our Flock Records

Report: By Breed, Individual Sheep, Shearing Year/Date

Sheep2017(October 6)2018 (April 14)2019 (March 10)2019 Awards/Results
(T)Bilibob (Ram) (6:09.56)42.6/8.3/19.4/5.3/5.5 (9:01.7)40.1/8.4/20.9/11.1/4.0 (10:04.05/41.2/8.0/19.4/8.9/5.25Sold
 (T)Moma Mea (6:06.05) 50.7/15.5/30.6/5.4/7.75 (7:15.6)37.8/11.9/31.3/28.3/5.25 (9:14.7/41.6/10.5/25.1/9.3/6.0)
(T)Daisy Mae (5:08.7)42.5/10/23.5/9.9/5.0 (4:11.45) 37.3/10.8/29/28.7/3.75 (6:09.3/42.1/8.5/20.2/6.2/7.25)IMG_0496
2019 Estes Park
 (T)Suzique (5:04.10) 36.2/9.9/27.3/33.3/4.5 (4:14.5)35.8/9.9/27.7/31.2/3.75 (6:13.0/39.1/11.2/28.7/23.3/9.75) Sold
(T)Oreo (Ram) 1st Cut (4:8) 34.9/7.6/21.9/27.2/5.0 (5:08.5) 30.2/7.6/25.1/52.8/3.5 (8:08.2/38.8/8.7/22.4/16.6/7.0) Sold
 (T)LuluN/AN/A1st Cut  (8:01.6/34.9/7.8/22.3/30.7/10.25) Sold
(T)PeachesN/AN/A 1st Cut (7:03.7/35.0/6.4/18.2/20.6/8.0) SoldIMG_0525
  Kris Hackbart purchased Peaches's fleece and is making some wonderful handspun lace work!
(T)Silly TillyN/AN/A 1st Cut (7:0.7/32.4/8.0/24.6/42.9/9.5) Sold
(SBx)Angel*N/AN/A 1st Cut (7:07.9/28.5/10.2/35.6/64.7/7.0) SoldIMG_0498
2019 Estes Park
(SBx)Delilah*N/AN/A 1st Cut (6:08.5/28.2/6.9/24.6/64.3/4.0) Sold
(T)JD (Ram)UnavailableUnavailable (7:04.5/36.0/7.4/20.6/21.6/8.0)IMG_0497
2019 Estes Park
 (T) Lacey N/A N/A N/A 1st Cut
 (SBx) Alexia* N/A N/A N/A 1st cut
 (T) Duchess N/A N/A N/A 1st cut
 (T) Matilda N/A N/A N/A 1st cut
 (T) Maddie N/A N/A N/A 1st Cut
 (T) Sadie N/A N/A N/A 1st Cut
 (T) - Teeswater, (SBx) - Southdown Babydoll cross
* Black Fleece

Fiber Testing

Sample of each fleece is  sent to the Montana Wool lab to test for fiber diameter, variability of fiber diameter, comfort factor, stable length for the traits of the fleece.  This aids in the genetic slection in our breeding program and determining the class of wool.


Reading the Results

Test information is provided in the following format:

  1. Skirted Weight of Fleece - Recorded in pounds and ounces. ie 6 pounds 9.56 ounces (6:9.56) 
  2. Micron Count (Average Fiber Diameter) - micrometer (one millionth of a meter) - measure of wool growth.
  3. Standard Deviation - variation of the wool fibers -closer fibers are to micron count, less variation
  4. Coefficient of Variation - standard of uniformity - less than 21.0% - Excellent, 21.0% to 27.0% - Average, Over 27.0% is poor.
  5. Comfort Factor - percentage of fibers 30 microns in diameter or less - the higher the comfort factor the softer the fiber to the skin.  Determine usage of yarns.
  6. Staple Length in Inches - length of the fiber.  
 Results will be recorded as follows:
   ( 1 ) 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 with actual # as: