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We are upgrading our genetics and flock with new American Teeswater Sheep Associaction (ATSA) registered stock.  Our original flock will be used as fleece animals while we raise some new registered lambs.  We also have a few Southdown Baby-Doll/Rambouille fleece animals!
  Rams: Registered Teeswaters
  Ewes: Registered Teeswaters, Grade Teewsaters; and Southdown Babydoll/Rambouille/Teeswater crosses


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The Teeswater is a breed of sheep from Teesdale, England. It is a longwool breed of sheep, which produces a generally large-diameter fiber. The breed is raised primarily for meat in England. Teeswater sheep have been bred in northern England, Great Britain for about two hundred years; the breed was rare by the 1920s, but the breed has seen a renaissance since World War II. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust has categorized the breed as ‘vulnerable’. Knowing that the Teeswater fell out of favor two hundred years ago, it is the mission of the American Teeswater Sheep Association (ATSA) to move the breed forward here in the United States, and not risk losing them yet again to other breeds. The American Teeswater Sheep is a large, well balanced, polled breed that carries a fine, lustrous, long wool fleece. Its unique facial markings and long, soft, purled locks are trademark characteristics that set this regal breed apart. The Teeswater is intelligent, alert, and is similar to many of its English long wool cousins in temperament and mothering ability. The wool is soft and supple to handle and retains its curl and luster after washing. The luster remains after spinning, giving the finished product a pearly sheen. It’s fleece is known in the US for its fine lustrous fiber for hand spinners. http://americanteeswatersheep.com/

American Teeswater Sheep Association

South Dakota Sheep Growers Association

Livestock Conservancy Organization

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(Teesewaters listed as Critical Heritage Sheep!)

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