Our Products-Busy Ewe Farm and Fibers

Busy Ewe Farm and Fibers

Our Products

Featuring Teeswater Fibers

Fibers from variety of other Breeds are also available!


Unwashed Fleeces from our flocks. (See Fibers page!)

Sold by the pound.  Can purchase partial fleeces.

Contact us for availablity and weights.



Fleeces are hand washed.  Both undyed & dyed fiber available.   Looking for a specific color?  Will dye your color!
Fiber is hand dyed in various weight batches with wool safe dyes.  Various color combinations and color ways available.  Various finishing processes available:  Batts, Roving, Bulk "Taesan" Locks.

Sold by the ounce.  Volume discounts available.

Contact us for availability.



Locks are available in various lengths .  Available as undyed, variety of dyed colors, or can be custom dyed to your colors.

Sold by the ounce. Prices are determined by length of the lock.

Contact us for availablity.


Finished Products 


Hand dyed commercial yarns available.
Have a variety of types of yarns in various colors:
   * Bulky                                   * Worsted
   * Aran                                     * Sport
   * DK                                        * Sock
   * Lace                                     * Donegal
Special Orders:  Select your type of yarn - Select your colors!

  Contact us for colors/types


Have a variety of hand spun yarns.  Skeins are of various weights, styles, ply, and lengths. 

Check out our products at one of the events listed or contact us for a list of products.  



Lambs Meat 

Grass Fed Lamb.  Limited quantities.  Contact us to reserve your lamb.  Usually processed in late September.